Membership has never been more beneficial to the defense attorney than with the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel.

As the foremost regional association for defense attorneys, we offer our members of all career levels a way to navigate the legal system of tomorrow, whether it be with insights into emerging practices and technologies, advice from leading experts, opportunties for (and with) up-and-coming young lawyers, and so much more. We would like to extend an invitation to defense attorneys in Southern California to check out our commitment to our members below:

  • Professional Networking
  • Specialized Continuing Education
  • Representation in Legislative and Appellate Matters
  • Liaison with Insurance Industry Leaders

The ASCDC was organized in 1960 by a small group of Los Angeles defense attorneys who felt it was essential for their professional interest to be independently represented. It facilitates the development of professional relationships and friendships that last a lifetime. ASCDC welcomes your involvement!

The ASCDC has since grown to become the nation's preeminent regional defense organization. It now encompasses a diverse group of lawyers who practice from north of Santa Barbara to the Mexican border and from the desert of the inland empire to the shores of Santa Monica.


Today, The Association of Southern California Defense Counsel is the nation's finest defense organization--and the largest. Others throughout the country look to the ASCDC for leadership, while local attorneys can personally benefit from its wide-ranging activities.


The Association has long been a leader in providing continuing legal education. Through a series of seminars that feature top speakers from the bench and bar, lawyers get the latest, most in-depth information on topics of special interest to the defense practice. Additionally, all seminars have been approved for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education credit.

Membership in the ASCDC entitles lawyers to substantially reduced rates for these seminars. An on-going evening lecture series in downtown Los Angeles is augmented each year by programs held in San Diego and Santa Barbara, providing easy access for all members.


For more than 30 years, the ASCDC has presented an annual day-and-a-half seminar and social event for its members and representatives of the insurance industry. The Annual Seminar brings together members from throughout the Southland to hear presentations from the courts, the plaintiffs' and defendants' bar and experts in related fields.


Members of the Association automatically receive a subscription to The Verdict, one of the most highly regarded publications among regional defense organizations. Articles written by members address trends in the law, publicize special court programs and advise readers of legislative progress and pitfalls.


The Association supports a very active Amicus Committee which regularly files briefs in appellate matters of interest to members and the clients they represent.


The ASCDC maintains a computerized expert witness bank with over 13,000 entries dating back to 1976. Available free of charge to members, this is an excellent resource for finding experts or impeaching an opponent's expert.


A golf tournament is held biannually where members may bring clients for a day of golf, awards and a banquet.

As attacks against the civil justice system continue,

the arena in which all attorneys practice has become smaller. Lawyers' associations from throughout the state and those representing both sides of the bar often must close ranks and work together to preserve the Seventh Amendment.

The leadership of the ASCDC represents the special interests of its members in all such collaborative efforts.

In addition, members of the Association enjoy a close relationship with defense attorneys in Northern California who share a professional bond and mutual interest in court decisions and legislative activity that impact the practice of law in this state. Officers and directors of both associations meet several times a year, and the general membership meets annually in Hawaii for a week of educational and social events.

The two organizations also maintain a continuing presence in Sacramento. Through joint sponsorship of the California Defense Counsel and its legislative analyst, the state's defense attorneys now can monitor the legislative process and provide information to lawmakers concerning matters which affect the defense bar and its clients.