Membership has never been more beneficial to the defense attorney than with the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel.

As the foremost regional association for defense attorneys, we offer our members of all career levels a way to navigate the legal system of tomorrow, whether it be with insights into emerging practices and technologies, advice from leading experts, opportunities for (and with) up-and-coming young lawyers, and so much more.

New members who join between September 1 and December 31 will have valid membership through the end of the following year.

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Choose from the following membership categories:

Regular Member ($325): Limited to persons independently engaged in civil defense practice who have been in practice for more than five (5) years. This category allows for full voting privileges.

Affiliate Member ($325): Limited to those individuals engaged in the full time or part time practice of mediation or arbitration. Membership as an "Affiliate Member" shall allow for limited membership privileges. This category allows for no voting privileges or the right to hold office. Affiliate members will not have access to the ASCDC listservs and will not be listed in the membership directory.

Associate Member ($225): Employee of a public entity, insurance company or other corporation.

Young Lawyer Member ($200): Limited to attorneys engaged in independent practice who have been in practice for five (5) years or less. This category allows for full voting privileges. 

Law Student Member ($25): Limited to those individuals registered as full time or evening students pursuing a J.D. degree. Law student membership shall expire 6 months after graduation. This category allows for no voting privileges. 

Dual Member ($100): Limited to those members in good standing of the Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada (ADC). Membership as a "Dual Member" shall allow for full membership privileges, except the right to vote or hold office.