Our Amicus Committee works hard on behalf of ASCDC members, submitting multiple amicus curiae briefs and letters each year in cases pending in state and federal courts. The Committee supports selected petitions seeking California Supreme Court review, and identifies appropriate cases in which to request publication of unpublished California appellate opinions that are of interest to our members.

If you have a matter that you wish to bring to the attention of the Amicus Committee, please contact the Chair, Steven Fleischman at Horvitz & Levy, (818) 995-0800 or [email protected].

Below are links to briefs and letters the Committee has filed since 2013. To search the listings, use "CTL+F" and enter your search term(s).

Stani v. Shamrock Foods Inc. - Request for Publication - 1/25/2024

Tornia v. CSAA Ins. Exch. Request for Publication - 1/4/2024

Logan v. Country Oaks Partners Amicus Brief in Support - 6/26/2023

Blaylock v. DMP 250 Newport Center Letter Supporting Publication - 6/12/2023

Romera v. Los Angeles Rams - Request for Publication - 5/10/2023

Atalla v. Rite Aid - Letter Requesting Publication - 3/13/2023 (request granted)

Daimler Trucks North America, LLC v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County et al. Brief of Amici Curiae - 2/10/2023

Abelar et al. v. MoraRequest for Publication - 11/11/2022

Miller v. Roseville Lodge No. 1293 et alAmicus Letter in Support of Publication - 9/21/2022

McCullar v. SMC Contracting, Inc.Letter Supporting Publication - 9/12/2022

Pacific Fertility CasesSupport for petition for review - 8/5/2022

Samantha B. et al. v. Aurora Vista Del Mar, LLC et al.amicus letter in support of review - 5/26/2022

Scofield v. Hanson Bridgett LLPAmicus Letter Supporting Publication - 11/17/2021

Harris et al. v. Thomas Dee Engineering Company

Swanson v. The Marley-Wylain Co.Amicus Letter Requesting Publication - 6/21/2021

Salazar v. See's Candy ShopsRequest for Publication - 5/7/2021

Plascencia v. DeeseAmicus Letter Opposing Request to Depublish - 3/4/2021

Powell v. LemusAmicus Letter Requesting Publication - 2/4/2021

Hoffmann v. Young - Support for petition for review - 1/14/2021

Butler American, LLC v. Aviation Finance Services, LLCLetter in Support of Appellants' Petition for Review - 12/3/2020

De La Fuente v. Walmart Inc.Request to Publish Opinion - 11/16/2020

U.S. v. BaconAmicus Brief In Support of Appellant - 10/6/2020
Jarman v. HCR Manorcare, Inc., et al.Letter in Support of Appellants Petition for Review - 5/19/2017

Oh et al. v. Teacher Insurance and Annuity Association of America et al.Request for Publication - 8/6/2020

T.B. et al., as Coconservators, etc., v O.B., Objector and AppellantAmicus Curiae Brief Supporting Defendant - 9/6/2019

Abdulkadhim v. WuRequest for Publication - 8/7/2020

Arnold v. Dignity Health et al.Request for Publication - 8/6/2020

Savaikie et al. v. Ralph Steger et al.Request for Publication - 7/13/2020

Cortina v. North American Title CompanyRequest for Publication - 7/1/2020

Verrazono v. Gehl CompanyAmicus Letter Requesting Publication - 6/10/2020

Betancourt v. OS Restaurant Services, LLC, et al.Request for Publication - 5/19/2020

Nguyen v. FordRequest for Publication - 5/11/2020

Waller v. FCA US, LLC et al.Request for Publication - 5/5/2020

Mikhaeilpoor v. BMW of North America, LLC. et al.Request for Publication - 4/17/2020

Babski v. LowellRequest for Publication - 4/27/2020

Summer J. v. United States Baseball FederationAmicus Letter In Support of Review - 4/30/2020

Chen v. BAM Brokerage, Inc.Request to Publish Opinion - 3/6/2020

Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company v. The Superior Court of Orange CountyAmicus Curiae Letter Brief in Support of Petitioner - 3/6/2019

OTO, L.L.C. v. KhoAmici Curiae Brief in Support of Petitioner - 2/1/2020

Hanson v. MurrahLetter Requesting Publication - 1/21/2020

Bingener v. City of Los AngelesRequest to Publish Opinion - 1/6/2020

Vlahakis v. Hilton Worldwide, Inc.Request for Publication - 11/26/2019

Fernandez v. JimenezRequest to Depublish Opinion - 11/25/2019

Stjerne et al. v. PetersenRequest for Publication - 10/18/2019

Sharon v. PorterRequest for Publication - 10/7/2019

Hunter v. Anschutz Entertainment Group et al.Request for Publication - 8/2/2019

Stevens v. Azusa Pacific UniversityRequest for Publication - 6/17/2019

Taulbee et al. v. EJ Distribution Corporation et al.Request for Publication - 5/10/2019

Thomas et al. v. County of Los Angeles et al.Appl for Leave to File Amicus Curiae Brief - 5/1/2019

Stokes v. Martin Frederick MuschinskeRequest for Publication - 4/3/2019

Jahanbani v. Sugar et al.Request for Publication - 2/4/2019

Ramos v. Superior Court for the City and County of San Francisco

Coyle v. Historic Mission Inn Corp.Letter in Support of Respondent`s Petition for Review - 8/31/2018

Willhide-Michiulis et al. v. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLCRequest for Publication - 7/11/2018

O'Malley v. Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLCAmicus Letter in Support of Review - 3/21/2018

Central Valley Hospitalists v. Dignity HealthRequest for Depublication - 3/9/2018

Sakai v. Massco InvestmentsRequest for Publication - 2/21/2018

Romero v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., et al.Request for Publication - 2/2/2018

Ford v. Superior CourtLetter supporting petition for writ of mandate - 1/31/2018

Tighe v. Chino Valley School DistrictAmicus Letter in Support of Review - 1/31/2018

Munoz v. State Farm General Insurance Company - Request for Publication - 11/29/2017

Mendoza v. Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterRequest for Publication - 11/9/2017

James River Insurance Co. v. Superior CourtRequest of amicus curiae for consideration on the merits - 11/7/2017

Haroun v. BMW of North America, LLCRequest for Partial Publication - 9/15/2017

Nakai v. Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc. et alRequest for publication - 8/29/2017

Jose Rivera v. Costco Wholesale CorporationRequest for Publication - 8/25/2017

Jacobs v. Coldwell BankerRequest for Publication - 8/3/2017

Kin v. SunRequest for Publication - 4/18/2017

Doe v. United States Youth Soccer Assn.Letter supporting petition for review - 6/2/2017

Stueve et al. v. Nemer et al.Petition For Review - 3/14/2017

Nam v. Regents of the University of CaliforniaRequest for Depublication - 9/23/2016

Frisk v. Cowan

Vasilenko v. Gracy Family Church

Perry v Bakewell Hawthorne, LLC et al.Amicus Curiae Brief - 8/22/2016

City of Petaluma v. The Superior Court of Sonoma CountyLetter in Support of Petition for Review - 6/28/2016

B.C. v. Contra Costa County et al.Amicus Curiae Brief - 6/17/2016

T.H. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationAmicus Letter in Support of Review - 6/3/2016

Parrish v. Latham & Watkins, LLP et al.Amicus Curiae Letter and Brief - 5/9/2016

Hernandezcueva et al. v. American Standard Inc. et al.

Garcia v. JukesRequest for Publication - 12/9/2015

S.M. v. Los Angeles Unified School DistrictRequest for Depublication - 11/9/2015

Sherman et al. v. Hennessy Industries, Inc.Amicus Letter in Support of Review - 9/4/2015

Lee v. HaneyAmicus brief on the merits - 1/25/2015

Beck v. Blum CollinsRequest for Publication - 6/17/2015

Los Angeles v. Superior Court (ACLU)Amicus letter in support of petition for writ of mandate - 7/7/2014

Izell v. Union Carbide CorpAmicus Letter in Support of Review - 1/20/2015

MacQuiddy v. Mercedez-Benz USA, LLCSuccessful request for publication - 1/21/2015

Doe v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al.Request for Publication - 1/20/2015

Moore v. Mercer – Amicus curiae brief – 10/2/2014

Lunada Biomedical v. NunezAmicus Curiae Brief - 12/18/2014

Varela v. BirdiApplication to File Amicus Brief - 12/15/2014

Hamp v. Harrison Patterson OConnor & Kinkead, et alRequest for Publication - 11/18/2014

Castaneda v. The Ensign Group, Inc.Letter in Support of Petition for Review - 11/14/2014

Hudson v. FresnoAmicus Curiae Brief - 11/3/2014

Larson v. UHS of Rancho Springs, Inc. et al. - Request for Publication - 9/23/2014

Ganoe v. Metalclad Insulation Corporation - Request for Depublication - 9/17/2014

Maslo v. Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Company - Request for Depublication - 8/20/2014

Straass v. DeSantis - Request for Publication - 8/19/2014

Winn v. Pioneer Medical Group - Amicus curiae brief on the merits - 3/31/2014

Roger Cleveland Golf Co., Inc. v. Krane & Smith, APC

Dodd v. Cruz - Letter Opposing Depublication - 4/9/2014

Sanchez v. Valencia Holding Company, LLC - supplemental amicus curiae brief - 3/6/2014

Purton v. Marriott International, Inc. - Amicus letter in support of petition for review - 10/1/2013

Schaefer v. Elder - Request for Depublication - 8/9/2013

Thompson v. Automobile Club of Southern California - Response to Request - 6/27/2013

Malin v. Singer - Amicus brief on the merits - 3/25/2013